We Take Care of the Key Details That Make a Difference

At the core, our service commitment is based on treating customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves.  Here are just some of the elements that define our commitment to service excellence:

Unique aquatic designs: We apply our design skills and in-depth knowledge to create tranquil, visually pleasing, individually tailored environments that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Extensive aquatic knowledge: Our technicians are thoroughly trained to provide knowledgeable service along with careful attention to detail to make sure that you have a delightful, enjoyable aquatic experience.

Quality selection: You can count on us to always offer a wide selection of exotic plants and aquatic species – and to be ready to order any plants or species that you need.

Responsible handling of species: In designing an aquarium or pond, we manage the most minute details to ensure that each customer’s aquatic species and plants will not only survive but thrive in their new environment.

Carefully vetted suppliers: We partner with industry-leading companies, such as Quality Marine and Seagrest Farms, in offering only the very best aquarium species and aquacultures to our customers.

Easy-to-understand, high-value pricing: We quote an all-inclusive fee for our services and stand behind it, plain and simple. And, our fee includes monthly redecorating so you can always look forward to new and striking aquatic environments.

Reliable and safe: We are available 24/7 and can offer years of experience in responding to and managing any accommodations, occasions or emergency needs. In addition, we consistently adhere to our industry’s most exacting safety guidelines.

Courteous, professional service: We provide advance confirmation (by text or email) prior to making a service visit so that you always know what to expect. And when one of our technicians arrives at your location, that individual will be in uniform and will present company identification.

Lastly, you can relax and enjoy your aquarium or pond because we take care of everything for you – from installation and the introduction of fish to ongoing servicing and cleaning. Matter of fact, when we come for a service call, we even bring food to refill the auto feeder!

We would welcome an opportunity to demonstrate our service commitment to you! For more information or to take the next step with your aquatic interests and needs, contact us today.