Take Advantage of Our Know-How to Turn Your Water Feature into a Winter Wonder

When it comes to getting more enjoyment from your winter landscape, a pond can create a wonderful viewing experience. Pond waterfalls are an especially striking feature as they naturally produce beautiful ice creations, in addition to providing a watering place for wildlife.

If you decide to leave your waterfall running throughout the winter season, you can have this aquatic feature checked at regular intervals to make sure it’s functioning properly by taking advantage of one of our customized winter maintenance packages.

Our services include:

  • Providing a cold-water beneficial bacteria treatment
  • Verifying that there is a safe level of oxygen for your fish
  • Performing other fish health maintenance tasks
  • Conducting De-Icer and Aerator inspections
  • Assessing your water level

We can help you get your water feature ready for winter

At BB’s Aquatic Service, we offer a variety of winter maintenance packages based on the size of your pond or water feature, as well as other factors. Please call to discuss your needs or to receive a quote.