Brad Birch, Founder & Owner

A native to Wisconsin and the founder of BB’s Aquatic Service LLC, Brad Birch hopes his company will be your first and last stop for quality aquarium service. Brad has more than 15 years of experience working with aquarium enthusiasts, which began when he was a child with a simple 10-gallon aquarium. His ultimate goal is to be able to give people the best aquatic experience they will ever have, while at the same time introducing them to aquatic plants and animals that they may have never seen before and may never get to see again. Recently, he added outdoor ponds and other water features to his company’s capabilities in becoming certified in this area by Aquascape Construction, an award-winning, nationally recognized designer and installer of outdoor water features. With this newest addition to its services, BB’s Aquatic Service can now offer customers naturally balanced, low-maintenance, fully customizable water features that work in harmony with nature.