Let Us Help You Get Ready Once Again for Outdoor Water Feature Enjoyment

The end of winter means the beginning of spring and a return to enjoying your outdoor pond or water garden. To get the full enjoyment from your pond that you are seeking with a minimum of stress, you will want to make sure to care of several essential spring cleaning steps.

In getting started, we highly recommend that you tidy up your pond and give it a complete cleanout, if needed. By taking the time to do a thorough cleanout, it will help balance your pond water, which will allow you to enjoy a low-maintenance water gardening season. In addition to a good cleanout, investing in just a few basic maintenance steps is also essential to enjoying everything that your pond or water feature has to offer.

At BB’s Aquatic Service, we can help you get ready for the season by doing either a complete or partial spring cleanout. Not only can we clean your pond or water feature, we can reconnect your water pump, reset your lighting as necessary, and evaluate and treat your pond water to make sure everything is at an optimal safety level for your fish and plants.

Basic pond cleaning

Services include:

  • Cleaning the biological filter, removing debris from inside the filter
  • Skimming and removing pond debris
  • Reconnecting the pump for the season
  • Detoxifying pond water, making it optimally safe for fish and plants

Deluxe pond cleaning

Services include:

  • Draining and thoroughly rinsing the pond, removing all residual debris
  • Powering wash rocks and gravel
  • Cleaning the biological and mechanical filters
  • Checking lights for proper functionality
  • Cleaning and reconnecting the pump for the season
  • Detoxifying pond water, making it safe for the fish and plants
  • Acclimating pond fish back into their environment

Service pricing

Basic cleanout

Starting at $200.00

Deluxe cleanout

Starting at $450.00

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