Consider These Key Factors When Evaluating an Aquatic Services Company

As with choosing any vendor, selecting an aquatic service company comes down to weighing multiple factors to ensure the right fit with your goals and needs. Here are some key factors to consider:

Easy-to-understand pricing. Does your aquatic service company quote an all-inclusive fee, or does it use an a la carte pricing arrangement? Related to this, does it provide a clear scope of service document written in plain English?

Guaranteed satisfaction. In the event a service outcome does not meet your expectations, will your aquatic service company do what it takes to make things right?

Vetted suppliers. Can your aquatic service company describe how it verifies the safe species handling practices of its suppliers? For example, are its suppliers delivering fish raised in safe conditions to minimize if not eliminate any risk of parasites or other harmful elements?

Insured staff. Are all staff members employed by your aquatic service company fully insured, which includes liability and workers’ compensation?

Diverse species. Can your aquatic service company obtain exotic or rare fish so you can realize the kind of aquarium or pond that you are seeking?

Thorough water testing. Does your aquatic service company conduct thorough water testing to ensure its ability to provide your fish and plants with a safe environment in which they can thrive?

Emergency services. Does your aquatic service company guarantee its ability to respond, such as with 24-hour service, to emergency situations?

Convenient service call scheduling. Does your aquatic service company provide you with the ability to schedule service calls online from your location 24/7?

Safe, professional business practices. When service technicians from your aquatic service company come to your location, will they appear in uniform and provide identification?