You Can Count on Our Experience to Relocate Your Aquarium Safely

BB’s Aquatic Service offers extensive experience in aquarium moves and can help you safely transport your aquarium or fish tank to your new location. When moving your aquarium, our first step is to properly pack and load the tank. The biggest concern when moving your aquarium tank is the filtration system, as aerobic bacteria will start to die off in just a few hours without the proper flow of oxygen-laden water.

Our trained staff know how to handle your aquarium regardless of its size. We will safely load and transport the tank and all of its accessories in a timely manner. Once our team arrives at your site, we will unpack and set up the aquarium in your desired location.

There are a few basic practices to keep in mind when relocating your fish tank. Removing fish from their established environment is highly stressful to them, so you will have to put your fish in a holding container while moving the aquarium.

Fish tanks are also delicate and not exactly easy to lift. Moving and transporting aquariums poses major risks to the integrity of the sealant that keeps the glass panels together, and breakage is always a possibility. If your tank is large, our team of qualified service technicians is able to arrange the setup of its new location anywhere in the lower United States.

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