Research Shows the Benefits of Aquariums in Hospitals and Other Healthcare Settings

Numerous research studies have shown the significant health benefits aquariums bring to settings such as hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers and memory care facilities, as these studies have demonstrated that aquariums are an effective way for patients to relax and experience reduced anxiety. According to these studies, watching an aquarium can be as effective as hypnosis in reducing anxiety, and many of our clients have told us the exact same thing, making aquariums ideal for waiting rooms.

Not only is an aquarium rental from BB’s Aquatic Service a source of entertainment, but it can also create an exciting focal point for a healthcare space, and it can even help reduce care costs. For example, research from Purdue University has shown that Alzheimer’s patients display a reduction in aggressive behavior and a considerable increase in appetite, which decreases their need for nutritional supplements and as a result lowers care costs.