Lakes and ponds are a great addition to any landscape, but cleaning is required to retain their beauty. Lakes and ponds begin filling with debris as soon as they are constructed. Debris results from dust, leaves, grass, construction runoff, and bank degrading.

Debris turns into muck and accumulates as part of the natural aging cycle. The muck accumulation rate varies depending on a number of factors, but can exceed one inch per year. A 15-year old pond can accumulate a foot or two of muck.

BB's Aquatic Service LLC innovative and environmentally friendly process removes accumulated muck from your lake or pond, reversing the natural cycle and restoring the pond's health. We can clean anything from backyard ponds to lakes.

Debris turns into muck and accumulates as part of the natural aging cycle. Debris accumulating in the deeper portions of the pond does not decompose quickly enough. This produces harmful gases that deplete the oxygen. In addition, muck is rich in organic materials which promotes plant and algae growth. These dynamics cause a number of undesirable symptoms:

  • Water discoloration
  • Foul smelling water
  • Weed growth Algae growth and bloom
  • Blocked springs
  • Blocked irrigation intakes
  • Fish gulping for air
  • Fish kills

Unchecked, the natural cycle of muck accumulation will transform a pond to a swamp, then a marsh, and finally solid ground.


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